Ireland’s Housing Conference 2022 Wednesday 2 February • Online conference


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15+ expert speakers

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Ireland’s Housing Conference

Delivered online this year, Ireland’s Housing Conference 2022, brought together key stakeholders for high level discussion surrounding the housing sector in Ireland. We were delighted to have a range of expert speakers, local and visiting join us to examine the latest ambitions, challenges and opportunities for resolving Ireland’s housing and homelessness crises. We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank our delegates, speakers and conference sponsor, Beauchamps for their participation.
Key issues

Key issues to be examined:

01Housing for All ambitions and implementation

02Addressing the housing demand and supply imbalance

03Eliminating the existing housing stock deficit

04Supporting increased affordability

05Creating a large-scale affordable cost-rental sector in Ireland

06Eradicating homelessness

07Maintenance and management of existing housing stock

08Enabling a more sustainable housing system

09The holistic role of AHBs

10The role of the LDA in developing cost rental housing

11Enhancing local authority capacity

12Incentivising the refurbishment of vacant properties

13Reducing the cost of construction

14Changes to planning and development in Ireland